Are you looking for a quality orthodontist in West Houston? Lovett Dental Cinco Ranch offers orthodontics and orthodontic services. Not sure whether orthodontics is right for you? Our experienced and compassionate staff can guide you through the process, helping you understand what to look for and how to get the oral health care you need. Among our specialty dental services, orthodontic treatment can help people of all ages with issues they are experiencing with tooth alignment.

What Is Orthodontics?


There is a common misconception that orthodontics is simply getting dental braces or straightening teeth. While straightening out crooked smiles is definitely a big part of what orthodontists do, the discipline is much more than just cosmetic.woman considers orthodontics

Orthodontics deals with all sorts of dental deformities, including the misalignment of the upper and lower jaws. This directly impacts how people chew and the shape of their bite. Having proper jaw alignment makes eating easier and avoids stresses and tensions in the jaw that can lead to conditions like migraines. There are many physical problems with the mouth that orthodontics can treat. Some of these are related to crooked or misplaced teeth, while others are not.

Here are a few of the symptoms that can be treated, improved, or eliminated by orthodontic services:

  • Visibly crooked or crowded teeth
  • Having a hard time flossing due to tightness or gaps
  • Mouth breathing in children
  • Clicking, noisy jaw
  • The trouble with certain pronunciations where the tongue and teeth don’t “fit” right
  • Fatigue after chewing

Some of these might sound like what you expect braces to fix, while others might not. But all are signs that you or your child might need orthodontic care from our family dentistry.

Does Everyone Need Orthodontics?

No, not everyone needs orthodontics. Some people are born with perfectly or nearly perfectly aligned teeth, and they will do just fine without orthodontic services. Others may only have a mild misalignment. Orthodontics will improve the look of their smiles, but people in this category won’t suffer any negative effects if they skip orthodontic care.

Even if you or your child aren’t experiencing any of the listed symptoms above, it can still be a good idea to be evaluated for orthodontics. There may be a problem that you can’t see that will cause your child much difficulty later in life. In some cases, orthodontic care in childhood or adolescence at pediatric dentistry can help you avoid more costly repairs later in life.

Orthodontic Treatment For Kids, Teens, and Adults in West Houston

Several decades ago, orthodontic services were more or less reserved for teenagers. Getting braces in junior high or early high school was almost like a rite of passage. However, in the last couple of decades, best practices and consumer opinion have both shifted.

Today, it’s more common than it used to be for children in the middle to upper elementary to get braces and begin orthodontic treatment. If a dentist identifies one of several signs (like underbites and crossbites), the practitioner may suggest pediatric orthodontics for your child. Still, in most cases, it’s wise to wait until adult teeth are in to begin orthodontic care. Unless you’re correcting a specific abnormality or problem, waiting until adult teeth are in gives the best outcomes.

We also see more adults seeking orthodontic treatment than we did a few decades ago. Perhaps your parents were not able to afford orthodontic care when you were a child. But you still wish for a straighter, more beautiful smile. In some cases, adults encounter dental problems later in life that will progress without orthodontic treatment.

Whatever your age, don’t feel shy about scheduling an orthodontic consultation if you think you might need care.

Look to Lovett Dental Cinco Ranch for Orthodontics

If you or a child are suffering from any of the symptoms listed above, or if you’re simply unsatisfied with the way your smile looks, you need an orthodontic consultation. We offer a wide range of specialty dental services like orthodontics at Lovett Dental Cinco Ranch, such as:

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