Prevention is one of the most important steps in oral health care. Yet, even people with excellent dental habits, such as attending 6-month teeth cleaning appointments, brushing and flossing after every meal, and eating a healthy, low-sugar diet may be faced with more complex oral health problems. Oral surgery is one of the treatment options available for some of these dental complications. At Lovett Dental Cinco Ranch, we have some of the most advanced solutions available to treat your dental concerns. Learn more about the different types of oral surgery we offer and what you can do to get help for your dental health needs.

What Is Considered Oral Surgery?

dentists performing oral surgery on a patientOur patients often come to us after a recommendation from a traditional dentist. You may have a condition that warrants more complex treatment because routine dental cleanings are just not enough. Our dental team will provide a full assessment to determine the best course of treatment for you. Oral surgery is not uncommon because it can be very effective. You may need oral surgery for conditions such as:

  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Impacted tooth removal
  • Bone grafting
  • Dental implant insertion
  • Pre-prosthetic surgery
  • Tongue-tie or diastemas treatment

If your oral health problem can be treated in a non-invasive manner, we will recommend that for you. If not, then we may recommend surgical procedures capable of resolving the problem or offering the best possible outcome.

Why Trust Us for Your Surgery?

Not all dentists offer oral surgery. Oral surgeons must go through extensive training and residency in a medical facility to obtain this type of license. This means more schooling and more hands-on experience working under other oral surgeons. Lovett Dental staff are also trained in internal medicine, anesthesiology, and general surgery during this period. We also continue our education with our professionals to ensure we are always providing our clients with the very best level of care possible. We will ensure that you get the care that you need while undergoing these difficult procedures.

How to Get Help for Your Oral Health Needs

If you have pain and discomfort in your mouth, schedule an appointment for general dentistry. We will take every step that we can to offer you pain relief and treatment in a noninvasive manner. If that is not possible, we will then provide a comprehensive examination to determine if oral surgery is the best treatment. If so, we will discuss it with you to ensure that you are fully aware of everything that is likely to happen during the surgery.

Does Oral Surgery Hurt?

One of the things our dentists will talk to you about is anesthesia. We offer sedation dentistry services during many of our surgical procedures. There are various levels and types of sedation available. For example, when we need to remove a tooth, it may not be necessary to apply any general anesthesia but rather to offer significant pain medications injected into the area, so you do not feel anything. Other procedures have more discomfort. That is why we offer more advanced treatment for you in those cases. In every situation, we do our very best to keep you comfortable and to minimize pain during and after the procedure. Schedule an appointment with us so we can talk to you about our procedures.

Put Your Trust in Lovett Dental Cinco Ranch

If you are facing oral difficulties that require surgery, you want the very best to help you. At Lovett Dental Cinco Ranch, we have the most advanced solutions available to help you. Call Lovett Dental Cinco Ranch at 713-244-7799 to learn more about the solutions we can offer for all of your dental health needs. We are here to help.