boy being operated on in dentist chair, fluoride treatments txApproximately 44% of the world’s population suffers from tooth decay. This makes it the most common of all the conditions covered in the Global Burden of Disease Study. Fluoride treatments can prevent many cases of tooth decay, however, and it is one of many treatments that may be applied during teeth cleaning at Lovett Dental Cinco Ranch.

What is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatments in Texas involve applying a fluoride-based solution to the teeth. The porous enamel of your teeth will absorb the fluoride, which will strengthen them and protect against cavities. It is a very safe procedure that only takes a few minutes and requires little, if any, preparation.

Following your procedure, you may need to wait between 30 and 60 minutes before eating, drinking, smoking, or chewing gum. Wait at least six hours before brushing or flossing your teeth. The wait will allow the fluoride solution to set so that it can provide your enamel with maximum protection.

Our Treatment Services

In addition to providing fluoride treatments in Texas, we also offer many other dental services at our dentistry, including:

Receiving fluoride treatments will reduce your risk of getting cavities, but it will not prevent that risk altogether. Good oral hygiene and a balanced diet are still necessary to keep your teeth and gums healthy. It is also vital that you have regular checkups with an experienced dentist like the ones at Lovett Dental Cinco Ranch, and that you contact us in between appointments if you experience pain, swelling, or any other dental issues.

How Will Your Dentist Perform a Fluoride Treatment?

Dental professionals typically perform fluoride treatments right after a dental cleaning. This is because when your teeth are free from plaque and tartar, the fluoride solution will have a better chance of penetrating your teeth.

After your teeth cleaning, a dental hygienist will dry your teeth and gums and then place a layer of cotton just underneath your teeth. This will keep your teeth dry and prevent any of the solution from getting onto your gums. Next, they will paint a fluoride varnish onto your teeth. This solution takes only a few minutes to dry, but we sometimes use a special light called a dental curing light to speed up the process.

The Benefits of Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments significantly reduce your odds of getting a cavity. Studies show that patients who receive the fluoride varnish reduce their risk of getting cavities by an average of 43%, which is hugely significant. Also, when children receive fluoride treatments, they experience 37% fewer instances of tooth decay on average.

Most insurance companies recognize the importance of fluoride treatments for patients. Accordingly, most cover this procedure completely or require only a very low copay. In most cases, we apply fluoride varnish immediately after your regularly-scheduled cleaning. As such, you do not have to schedule a separate appointment. The procedure requires only a few extra minutes, and you can return to normal activities right away.

Who Can Benefit From Fluoride Treatments?

Children receive pediatric dentistry fluoride treatments more often than adults. Even so, people of all ages can have fluoride varnish applied to their teeth. You may need a fluoride treatment if you have a higher-than-average risk of tooth decay or did not have fluoride applied during adolescence.

Tap water in Cinco Ranch already contains trace amounts of fluoride, but not all brands of bottled water have fluoride, and the small amounts that one finds in the food and water we consume do little when it comes to combatting tooth decay. Consequently, you could need a fluoride treatment in Cinco Ranch, Texas, especially if you regularly drink bottled water.

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